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Cobalt MedPlans is an outsourcing partner for health insurance claims processing. We serve HMO, Medicaid, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage and Commercial Health Plans. When you team with Cobalt MedPlans, you gain a tactical partner and asset to your organization.

We are dedicated to providing the most cost-efficient, accurate claims processing services in the industry for staff augmentation, backlog reduction, system conversions, and facility consolidation. When you team with Cobalt MedPlans, you gain a strategic partner and an exceptional asset to your organization.

Unlike our competitors, Cobalt MedPlans performs 100% of its work onshore and is committed to constructing a personalized approach for each client to ensure that each of our customers achieve their unique objectives.

Proven Results

"We have more than a vendor-client relationship with Cobalt MedPlans, it truly is a partnership of success. It gives me comfort knowing that communication is as simple as picking up the phone. We started by setting accuracy guarantees and then watching performance. When Cobalt MedPlans started meeting and exceeding their QA guarantee, it was an easy decision to start increasing volume."

Nancy Creasy, Senior Vice President for Operations Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City

"We don’t see claims processing as a commodity, where price is the key selection criterion, but rather, an essential service that, at its best, can assist our clients in on-going claims processing and quality improvement initiatives, and therefore, improving the bottom line.

We admit we’re not the least expensive entity in the marketplace. But we deliver long-term value and savings to our clients. We focus on providing our clients the best claims processing service, characterized by accuracy, responsiveness and flexibility."

Tony Pino, Former President and CEO of Cobalt MedPlans


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