Performance Measures


Practiced and Well-Managed Procedures

Cobalt MedPlans achieves 100% performance expectations and quality metrics typically within six to ten weeks.

Secured System

We work within your current system, processing your claims quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively. Our service is provided off-site and linked to your own system via cloud computing, using dedicated, private networks.

Cobalt MedPlans utilizes the DMAIC Six Sigma approach to evaluate processes and perform error trending and root cause analysis.

We implement daily focused and random audits to supplement audits done internally by the client. We also conduct a daily evaluation of coaching and retraining needs, this leads to fast response time and minimal delays in production.

Customized Contracts

Each contract is written with unique service level guarantees to support client business goals. Throughout the contract process, Cobalt MedPlans maintains a detailed mobilization plan that is collaboratively developed. Contracts are evaluated for accuracy performance assurances:

  • Financial Accuracy
  • Payment Incident Accuracy
  • Turnaround Time
  • Statistical Accuracy

“Cobalt MedPlans is the best vendor I have worked with in my 33 years.”

Barb Mathey, Vice President, National Claim Initiatives for Zenith American Solutions